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Deep fake technology- Use or Misuse
To completely eliminating the situation where people are getting trapped in deep fake supported profiles on social media
An approach paper for a fool proof system when used, deep fake usage is exposed
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10 weeks
1. Amity University2. Birla Institute of Management Technology
NLP API, Python
Neeraj Gupta
Neeraj Gupta's comments

Current State: With the advancement of technology, fake social media profiles are becoming much more real and trustworthy. The purpose of AI based bot based fake social media profiles is to influence people of like-minded beliefs and opinions to influence and reinforce other people. An algorithm is used to define goals for the bots to influence a targeted audience.



  • Limitations on the part of the social media companies- Ease of information
  • availability and ability to share it in real time and open access to technological tools and platforms
  • Limitations on the part of the users- Low awareness of the issue leading to detection accuracy
  • Limitations in terms of easy availability of subject’s data.
  • Limitations in terms of credibility of data posted in someone else’s name.



To create Human-Computer Integrated Solution for a better and safe future.

We propose to work towards better detection of fake social media profiles that are being misused to invoke teenage, renowned personality and expert abuse.


1 ) Watson Data Platform